This Is More Love

High-minded human love between a man and a woman can hardly be other than also erotic love.

Love Makes Life Worth Living


Philosophers say so. Love breaks molds and creates new belongings.

Love Is Virtuous


The object of love is another adult - not oneself, not a deity, not a fancy car or cute pet.

Who Is Loved?


Yes, love between a man and a woman is still a bias, but worth cherishing.

Only Two Biological Sexes


Try, but you cannot tell yourself whom to fall in love with.

Love Is Not Very Pragmatic


And when love is real, it is about the other as she or he is - for the other as an end and not a mere means.

I Love You


Can love last? Can love endure the ups and downs of life?

I Always Will Love You


Yes, it can. But love is more of an art than an emotion.

How Art Thou


The capacity for love and loving can and must be mastered.

Living For The Sake Of Another


In love, there is no cause for self-sacrifice or glorious individualism.

Surrender Due To Enchantment


Yet, love is disarming and makes lovers vulnerable and all, especially in youth.

Love Is Not A Child's Play


Avoid early physical intimacy and thus the runaway emotions that could cloud your views.

Modern Courtship To The Resue


And while love endures the follies of man, it will not be, it cannot be the same over time.

Love Cannot Be Arrested


The Art of Loving, by Erich Fromm

Loving Can Be Learned

All Kinds of Love Weave People Together...

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